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Therapy Horses

Cadence Therapy is always on the lookout for prospective Therapy Horses!



· 100% Sound at Walk/Trot/Canter (must be able to pass a pre-purchase exam)

· Has had a basic level of training and can be ridden in an arena at the walk/trot/canter

· No older than 13 & no taller than 16hh

· Must load in a trailer, stand for the farrier/vet, bathe, clip, tie, and be able to live in a stall

· No vices (cribbing, bolting, kicking, biting, weaving, etc.)

· Spook must be minor and predictable - horse should spook in place (no bolting, spinning, bucking, rearing, or kicking as their standard spook)

· Horses need to be tolerant of the following workload:

· will be schooled 3-5 days/week with basic dressage, trails and some jumping as appropriate to keep them fit and happy

· Up to 2 hours of therapy work 3-5 days/week (sessions are long-lined and at the walk)

· All prospective therapy horses must be able to come on a 30-day trial prior to purchase, donation, or lease.  This is non-negotiable and is in place to assure not only that the horse has the movement and behavior.  necessary for the program, but that the horse will be happy in the program.  Horses will be covered with a 30-day insurance binder.


**If you feel you have a horse that fits the above criteria and you would like to explore the options of having him/her become a therapy horse, please contact Chase:  Please include age, breed, height, training as well as pictures and a video of the horse lunging and under-saddle.

Have a horse you think would be a good therapy horse?

Therapy Horses In Training

None at this time

Junior is Cadence Therapy’s first official Therapy Horse and has been part of Cadence Therapy since 2009!!  He is a 15 year old Black and White Tobiano Paint who is good at almost everything asked of him, but is known to particularly love jumping!

Junior Mint

Frazier is Cadence Therapy’s second official Therapy Horse!  He has been part of Cadence Therapy since 2009 and is a 17 year old Appaloosa/Thoroughbred Gelding.  He has a wonderful walk for therapy and a smooth canter for competing as a hunter!


Anastasia is a 18 year old Warmblood mare.  She has years of training as a dressage horse and has the kindest eye you will ever see in a horse!