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Austin, TX



If you are interested in any of the above Occupational Therapy Services, please contact Chase at:

Phone: 512-814-6328

Fax: 866-442-3880

Email: chase@cadencetherapy.com

Cadence Therapy offers services to:

           -Individuals with a diagnosis/disability



           -Individuals with no specific diagnosis seeking WELLNESS



                      -Individual or Group


                      -Performance Horses

                      -Recreational Horses

                      -Therapy Horses

                      -Horses in Rehabilitation

                      -Retired Horses

           -Horse and Rider partners



The goal of Cadence Therapy is to carefully construct therapy services to best meet the individual needs of each patient (human or horse), using one or more of the services offered so that he/she can most efficiently achieve the functional outcomes which will improve performance, participation, satisfaction, and independence in the activities of life.


Occupational Therapy Services Specializing in:

-Equine Assisted Therapy/Hippotherapy

-Myofascial Release

-Vestibular Rehabilitation

-Sensory Integration

-Astronaut Program

-ALERT Program

-iLs (Integrated Listening Systems)

-Wilbarger Brushing Protocol

-Neurodevelopmental Treatment

-Stress Management

-Wellness Programs


Other Therapy:

-Equine Myofascial Release


Therapy Services at Cadence Therapy address:

-Health and Wellness

-Quality of Life

-Pain Management

-Motor Skill Development



-Neurological Organization/Maturation

-Sensory Processing/Integration

-Social-Emotional Skills


-Range of Motion

-Fascial Restrictions